P-Robo pasta robot to start cooking 90 meals per hour

The very first pasta cooker in the world P-Robo makes its beginning when the E Vino Spaghetti restaurant in Tokyo’s Marunouchi business district welcomes diners who have very little time for a lunch break.

P-Robo cooks up to 90 meals per hour.

P-Robo has undergone four years of development in collaboration with TechMagic Inc., which is creating a new food infrastructure using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence machine learning and robotics.

The Pronto Corporation, known for its Pronto pasta chain, along with other nearby restaurants including Di Punto and Illy Caffe, runs E Vino Spaghetti.

P stands for Pronto and it is their fourth generation machine.

Pronto and TechMagic are trying to address the challenges of human resource development in the restaurant industry, which is experiencing an unprecedented labor crisis. Both companies plan for a sustainable food infrastructure.

Using high-powered induction and a specially designed frying pan, P-Robo automates complex and easy activities while cooking.

P-Robo prepares everything else, even washing pots, except for the finishing touches like adding toppings in food preparation, which are done only by human hands.

Besides the pasta, many items on the menu are hand-made, such as the chicken and avocado salad, which is likely to be a favorite among health-conscious diners.

Techmagic President and CEO Yuji Shiraki also intends to bring P-Robo to different countries.