Party Toppers with Gadget Gifts, Pizza | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Cheers, cries of happiness and tears of joy spilled across the city as students performed well in the UP Board Secondary and Intermediate Examinations this year.
If some of them were not very satisfied with their score, others jumped for joy when entering their school where they were greeted by showers of petals covering them all from head to toe. Some celebrated with pizza, others received gadgets as gifts.
Kokab, who scored 87.6% in his high school exams, said, “After my father died, my mother worked tirelessly to meet all my needs. She means the world to me and after hearing about my result she was not only happy but was really proud of me. For Arpit Yadav of Lucknow Public College, who scored 86.6% in his high school, it was a proud moment. He said, “As soon as I got up, I went to the temple to ask for blessings for my good results. After hearing my score, my mom clicked several photos to her social media and updated me on the celebrations that will be taking place tonight.
It was a sigh of relief for Amol Chandra and ayushi, who obtained 86% and 85.3% respectively, after many sleepless nights. Chandra said: “I had nightmares of not being able to score well enough, but achieving my goal made me realize that my efforts paid off well.” Bhuvi Singh, who got 92% in her intermediate exams, said, “I thought about doing more but seeing my parents happy, I felt satisfied.
Abhay Kumar and Shivansh Bajpai are ready to party for the next few days. Kumar said, “After two years of focused study, I will now go to the water park, shopping malls and restaurants with my loved ones.”
Summaiya Bano from Karamat Girls College, who scored 88.50% in her high school exams, said, “I was on cloud nine after seeing my results. I’ll be celebrating with a pizza night with my loved ones.
There were students like Anushka Dwivedi, who scored 87.4% in her intermediate exams. She said, “Looking at my results, my father agreed to take me to Nainital for a week.” Apoorv Patel, who scored 82% in his high school exams, said: “I tried to do my best, but I’m not happy with my results. I think I will study even harder in my next board exams. Suryansh Kumar Shukla, who scored 86.2% in his intermediate exams, said, “My mother burst into tears of joy when she heard my result. Anushka Sharma of SKD Academy, who scored 87.3% in the intermediate exams, said, “My father motivated me to achieve good results.