Patagonia Provisions launches organic Kernza pasta

Sausalito, California. — Patagonia Provisions recently launched a new organic Kernza Fusilli – delicious, flavorful pasta made from a revolutionary perennial grain. The pasta is the company’s newest in an expanding line of Kernza products, joining its first small-batch Kernza beers to market and building on its commitment to scaling environmentally-beneficial perennial grain. .

In keeping with Patagonia Provisions’ overall philosophy and commitment to green stewardship, Kernza was chosen for its revolutionary climate-friendly properties. Its massive root system and perennial growth (meaning it stays rooted year after year, unlike other cereals, which must be planted every year) allow it to thrive without tillage or pesticides. It uses less water than conventional wheat, restores topsoil and absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than annual grains. Once Kernza is harvested, its roots stay in the ground, trapping carbon underground as they decompose. Kernza also produces thin kernels full of warm, nutty flavor, perfect for pasta.

A combination of Kernza and semolina flours gives Patagonia Provisions Organic Kernza Fusilli its tasty, springy texture and impressive nutritional profile. Kernza is a better source of vegetable protein, fiber and essential amino acids, compared to annual wheat. Semolina has one of the highest protein levels of any pasta flour (about 13%, compared to 9-11% on average for all-purpose flour), with fortified semolina also providing B vitamins and antioxidants. This pasta contains more fiber than regular pasta; and semolina gluten proteins being structurally stronger than Kernza’s, the two flours together ensure that the noodles retain their integrity when boiled.

Patagonia Provisions Organic Kernza Fusilli is bronze cut (aka die cut), which means it is extruded through perforated, bronze metal plates that cut and shape the noodles. The centuries-old artisan technique creates a finished dough with a porous texture that absorbs sauce better than doughs made from industrial Teflon dies, which are used for faster production.

Kernza perennial grain comes from intermediate wheatgrass, a distant relative of wheat, and was developed by plant breeders at the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 that co-leads the global movement for perennials, diverse, truly large-scale regenerative agriculture.

“In line with the principles behind Patagonia Provisions’ award-winning, responsibly sourced foods, our Organic Kernza Fusilli support a solution to the climate crisis, building on our success with the first commercial Kernza product on the market – our Long Root beers,” says Birgit Cameron, co-founder and head of Patagonia Provisions. “We’re excited to continue finding delicious, innovative ways to help evolve Kernza. Full of warm, nutty flavor and a pleasant springy texture, our new pasta is suitable for almost any plant-based or meat-based recipe, including baked pasta and comforting pasta salads. Equally satisfying is knowing that every bowl of Kernza pasta contributes to a healthier planet.

“I love that my kids’ favorite meal, pasta, is now made from a perennial grain crop that promises to help people around the world throughout their lives,” says Rachel Stroer, President of the Land Institute. “It’s a hopeful link to an ecologically sound future across generations.”


Founded by Yvon Chouinard and Birgit Cameron in 2012 and based in Sausalito, California, Patagonia Provisions offers responsibly sourced food and beverage products. As a Certified B-Corporation, Patagonia Provisions’ mission is: We’re in business to save our planet. Under Birgit’s leadership, Patagonia Provisions seeks to re-examine best practices in food sourcing and work with farmers, growers, fishers and producers who use organic and regenerative practices. The company works with like-minded advocates and producers to find solutions to important environmental issues facing the food industry.

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