Pizza delivery during the vote? Here’s what’s allowed at the polls in Georgia.

If you think you’ll be standing in a voting line, listening to your stomach growl during Tuesday’s election, we have good news for you.

Nancy Boren, director of elections and registration in Columbus, said there are no rules against bringing a snack or even ordering a pizza. She had additional advice for those who had to work on Tuesday.

If work prevents you from voting during work hours or requires you to use lunch breaks to vote, avoid the problem by letting your employer know you intend to vote as soon as possible.

“While there is no specific provision regarding eating while waiting in line, OCGA 21-2-404 allows employers to take time off work to vote with reasonable notice,” Barren said. .

The law says that if your shift doesn’t have two hours—before the shift or at the end of the day—to vote, your employer must give you time to vote. The only caveat is that you need to tell your employer well in advance.

“For those who leave their jobs to come and vote, we have a note that we can sign to verify that the person actually voted,” said Thomas Gillon, acting election supervisor for the Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections.

Despite long lines and setbacks in 2020 in other parts of the state, Gillon said local voters would be spared similar problems on Tuesday. “On election day, we rarely encounter queues long enough for a voter to order food and have it delivered while waiting in line,” he said.

Can a drunk person vote?

Don’t count on it.

Polling officials won’t test your sobriety, but if someone disrupts the voting process, the returning officer won’t forget.

“In all situations, the returning officer is authorized and required to maintain order at the polling place,” Gillon said. “So if a voter is disruptive (for whatever reason), the polling official can ask them to leave or summon law enforcement.”

Can I skip the lines and vote online or at the curb?

While a drive-thru voter line can be a fun alternative and is in fact available to voters with disabilities in states like Mississippi and South Carolina, Georgia law does not provide for such a service.

“Georgia law does not provide for street voting. However, a voter with a disability can ask their designated assistant to bring the absentee ballot to the election office or ballot collection box,” Boren said.

Georgia does not offer online voting, but you can register to vote online. The recommended option for those who want to avoid the queues at the polls is postal voting.

All polling places in Georgia are accessible to people with disabilities. “We have a voting booth where voters can sit while voting, and voters with disabilities (or those aged 75 or older) can bypass the line if they wish to vote at the next available booth,” Gillon said. .

Details about these and other election laws in Georgia are available at Contact the Elections Division at 404-656-2871.