Pizza delivery joke divides opinion online: ‘Cringe’

A man who went the extra mile to leave a message at his local pizza delivery restaurant has garnered viral attention.

Like 98% of Americans, Harrison, who uses the Reddit handle h70541, enjoys pizza. In fact, according to statistics from Signal Station Pizza, approximately 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the United States.

Shared on Reddit’s r/funny forum on Friday, Harrison posted a photo of a receipt from his pizza delivery, including directions left for the restaurant. With over 41,000 upvotes and thousands of comments, this clearly got a lot of people laughing.

With the caption “Local pizzeria lets you add special delivery instructions and I always have fun with them. Today was no different,” the image featured a paragraph of information left by the Redditor for restaurant employees.

A photo of a note that went viral left by a customer for a pizzeria. The additional joke note divided opinion online.

It read: “Just knock on the door and get out of there and go back to your store without looking back. The mere sight of me can blind the eyes of mortal men and my presence has a disastrous effect on the local wildlife if I’m exposed to the outside world for too long. Some things weren’t meant to be done or seen, but “are” regardless. I’m such a thing. Also, I don’t want to wear pants, and the faster I can catch it without signaling my neighbors in my boxers, the better.”

Explaining the note, Harrison said Newsweek“I order about once a month or so. Maybe twice if I’m feeling super lazy that month.”

As for the notes, he says they’re usually a feature of every order: “It’s usually not that long, but that day I felt cheeky.”

“A lot of times it will be related to horror, like ‘If you see a deer in the road, don’t stop, go around it or over it but don’t stop. They’re not deer,'” the Redditor explained. “I really love a ton of horror movies and listening to scary stories on YouTube and the idea of ​​delivering pizza to unspeakable horror has always tickled me.”

Reddit users took to the comments to share their thoughts. One said: ‘As a former delivery driver, I hope you tip very well.

Another wrote: ‘As a current pizza driver I would find it a lot of fun if you could tip well. It would be downright boring as f*** otherwise.’

As to whether the restaurant likes his jokes, Harrison isn’t sure.

“I considered calling, but I think that would break the mystique of the running joke,” he explained. “And since I’ve been doing contactless and tipping with online payment, I haven’t really had a chance to ask.”

“I personally wouldn’t even read all this nonsense,” another commenter said, while a Reddit user asked, “Is it funny or cringe?”

In response to the comments, Harrison said: “Some of the people who responded to the image responded with weird hostility, so maybe I’m treading unseen waters with my harmless joke. That or it’s the internet. I at least hope they see the humor in it. but where I am in the Midwest most people are a little more laid back and can tell the humor in it.”

Not the only pizza to get viral attention recently, the internet slammed a district manager for taking pizzas from employees after they were provided by the company’s human resources department. Elsewhere, a Domino’s employee explained that a pizza costs $275 in Alberta, Canada, thanks to a very long list of extra toppings.

Harrison was surprised by many of the comments, but said: “The difference between laughing at a cornball joke and cringing is very different between some people. Anyway, if it brightened a day for someone ‘one, it did its job.”