Pizza Hut Howell Closed now

When it comes to dining options in Monmouth County, there is certainly no shortage of options.

A recent sudden closure elicits quite varied reactions from residents.

2021 has been a difficult year for the food industry.

It was as if every day we learned that another restaurant was closing its doors.

Just yesterday I told you about Eli’s Hot Bagels in Aberdeen.

This business had been serving breakfast sandwiches since the 1970s.

Due to what they call pandemic-related landlord disputes, they closed their doors for good on Sunday, January 2.

Usually when I write about a pizza place in the area that is closing it sets off alarms, and rightly so. We love our pizza.

This one is a little different.

The Howell Happenings Facebook page announced the closure of Pizza Hut in Howell Plaza on Route 9. They say “nobody pulls out The Hut pizzas”, but apparently not always.

As you can imagine, the response to this news has been, well, mixed. Pizza Hut is not everyone’s thing.

A member of the group commented:

I haven’t been there for years. Why bother with a corporate pizza chain when we have so many great local family pizzerias?

100% agree. Even if sometimes you’re in the mood for Pizza Hut pizza, you know?

I went there all the time until they took away the salad bar.

Yes! The Pizza Hut salad bar. A lot of memories. For some reason, every time I think about eating in a pizza place, it comes to my mind.

The red cups. How many birthday parties have you attended at Pizza Hut? Good time.

It turns out that this is only a temporary closure.

This Pizza Hut is moving here:

This is Bennetts Mills Plaza on W. County Line Road in Jackson.

It’s still unclear where The Hut is going in the plaza or when they plan to reopen.

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