Pizza Hut is trending on social media as Tories accuse it of ‘waking up’. here’s why

“Book it! from Pizza Hut! literacy program is pretty, damn legendary, especially for 80s babies.

Read a number of books, complete your booklet and that meant a free personal casserole. And, for some reason, back in the day, personal pans might have been the top of the pizza game.

“To book!” means fond memories for many, and the program has been trending Pizza Hut on social media this week. But it’s not for its value or the memories it has created. Instead, Pizza Hut hears it from some curators on social media because of one of the books that was promoted in the “Book It!” program.

This book?

It’s called “Big Wig,” and it’s a picture book about a kid who dresses up in drag to enter a costume contest.

“When a kid dresses up in drag to enter a neighborhood costume contest, they become BB Bedazzle!” Simon and Shuster wrote describing the book. “A key part of the BB Bedazzle set is a wig called a wig. Together they make an unstoppable team of drag queens! But Wig feels inadequate compared to the other larger wigs. When Wig flies off the head of BB, it passes from child to child, instilling confidence and inspiring dreams in those who wear it.

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The book was part of several personalized recommendations from the Pride Month program. But those recommendations were not well received by a social media segment that criticized the channel for “waking up” and called for a boycott.

“Pizza Hut has completely woke up, now we have to make them completely broke”, ACT for America’s Brigitte Gabriel tweeted.

However, not everyone agrees with the Conservatives.

“We’ve had over 30 mass shootings in the past 3 weeks and we have some morons worried about Pizza Hut and rainbows,” a Twitter user, who retweeted Gabriel, posted.

And there’s a lot of back-and-forth on the social media front that reads much the same.

Of course, no one is forcing anyone to read this book if they don’t want to. It was just an option. But now it has become a topic of discussion and, for some, a boycott.