Pizzeria owner killed his longtime partner and restaurant co-owner and hid his body for weeks, police say

Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania. – A Bucks County, Pennsylvania pizzeria owner killed his longtime partner and co-owner of the store and hid his body for weeks, police say.

They accused Anna Maria Tolomello of shooting Giovanni Gallina in the head, CBS Philly reports.

A small makeshift memorial for Gallina filled with candles and roses has popped up inside Pina’s Pizza in New Britain, Pennsylvania.

“Right now I’m shaking,” said Carlo Vitale, Gallina’s nephew, who works at the pizzeria.

He is trying to keep the business going and says the news came as a shock.

“I still can’t believe it. Everything that happened. I still seem to wake up. I’m dreaming,” Vitale said.

Gallina’s son reported her missing after not hearing from her and Tolomello told her that her father was out of town.

Police showed up at the couple’s home on Tuesday with a search warrant.

They say Tolomello told officers she knew why they were there and told them she shot Gallina in self-defense on March 16. Officers found her body wrapped in a tarp in the master bedroom.

“The defendant was going to dispose of Mr. Gallina’s body in a very inappropriate way. Something you would see straight out of the movies,” Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said.

hole-by-pa-house-of-anna-maria-tolomello-is-accused-of-shooting-giovanni-gallina-she-is-accused-of-shooting-him-in-the-head-hiding- the-body.jpg
Hole spotted by CBS Philly outside the home of Anna Maria Tolomello and Giovanni Gallina. They were co-owners of a pizzeria in Pennsylvania. She is accused of shooting him in the head. She claims self-defense. Police say they hid her body for weeks and it was found in a tarp in their bedroom.

CBS Philadelphia

Chopper 3 spotted a huge hole next to the house.

As the investigation continues, the Bucks Bounty community is shaken.

“I was pretty surprised. It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood,” one man told CBS Philly.

“It hits the community very hard. These people were considered staples in their community. Pina’s Pizza is a very well-known restaurant and pizzeria,” Weintraub said.

Tolomello was arrested on Wednesday. She faces criminal homicide and other charges.