popular pizzeria closed | Greyson F

Many pizza chains have thrived during COVID-19 shutdowns. With traditional restaurants closed and others charging an arm and a leg for delivery, pizzerias in the United States have seen some of their best numbers thanks to an integrated delivery system already in place. However, this did not turn out to be the case for all pizzerias, as some were unable to fully weather the storm, and the height of the pandemic, food shortages, labor issues labor and rising costs have forced many to close. shop in recent months. This list of closed pizzerias now has a new entry.

Pizza Luna here in Tucson has officially announced its closure after five years of serving unique, freshly baked pies. The restaurant posted on Facebook that it needed to close and that in many ways it had been a long time coming.

Since the pandemic and the intensification of vaccination protocols against COVID-19 and the shortage of employees, the restaurant has only been able to remain open on Fridays and Saturdays. This alone made renting and buying products particularly difficult for the restaurant. Running the restaurant just two days a week wasn’t enough, so the neo-Neapolitan restaurant turned off the open sign for the last time.

The restaurant was always offering new pizzas to the public. He did it until the end. Just earlier this month, Pizza Luna released a handmade pie topped with prosciutto, basil, roasted tomatoes, fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil and a drizzle of pesto. For lovers of pizza with unique toppings, few other restaurants in Old Pueblo could match this one at Pizza Luna. But now customers will have to look elsewhere.

Pizza Luna’s space, located at 1101 North Wilmot Road, won’t be vacant for long. Neighboring Bubbe’s Fine Bagels has done exceptionally well and will fill the space as it expands. Bubbe has started sharing part of the kitchen space with Pizza Luna, but the demand for homemade bagels has grown so much that she needs all the space she can get. So while Pizza Luna might close shop, the extra room will allow the bagel restaurant to make more bagels and serve more customers. Renovations to the expanded Bubbe’s Fine Bagels will begin immediately, while a second location is currently underway at the Joesler Center.