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I’ve been supporting your pumpkin spice-obsessed coffee drinkers since August, and I feel like I’ve been patient enough this year!

I’ve dealt with lattes, candles, cereal, and even pumpkin spice body wash. It’s everywhere.

This, however, could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Fall lovers can kick it up a notch as a new Pumpkin Spice Pizza is available at Asbury Park NJ.com.

The daring pizzeria is the one and only by Talula. Can’t say I’m surprised as this local place has already impressed with unique pizza creations.

For example, Talula’s has a Show Me Your Bloobz Pie which contains marinated and fermented blueberries, feta, fontina, honey caramelized red onion, micro mint and lemon.

This pie has rave reviews online, but when I ask people if they would like to try it, a lot of people still say no.

But will that also be true of their pumpkin spice pizza?

Long before I give you the details, you should know that it’s not exactly called a pumpkin spice pizza. The name is awesome. It’s called the Basic Pizza B***h.

Let’s find out.

Here is a tasty description according to NJ.com! Who’s ready to be basic? !

“Their classic Neapolitan-style dough and tops it with smoked mozzarella, ricotta, kabocha (squash), caramelized onions and candied pumpkin spice bacon. Spicy notes of pumpkin spice are sprinkled throughout the gooey cheese .”

Even though I have this weird vendetta against pumpkin spice, this pie doesn’t look bad.

Alright, maybe I’ll have to try and literally eat my words. Maybe.

“We like to have fun with our pies and come up with original flavor combinations that our guests may not have tried or seen before on pizzas,” said Shanti Mignogna, owner of Talula’s according to NJ.com. “They usually start with a pairing idea, a nostalgic dish, or a seasonal ingredient that we want to showcase, and then we build from there.”

According to the author on NJ.comthe pizza was not so bad:

“The flavor is definitely pumpkin spiced, but not so overpowering that’s all you taste. The buttery cheeses added the perfect amount of saltiness and I savored the deep flavor of the caramelized onions and sweet taste. kabocha – which actually worked as a nice substitution for real pumpkin.”

Could I have been wrong about pumpkin spice all this time?

I will only admit my mistake after tasting this pie and not a moment before.

If you try it, please let me know what you think and email me at [email protected].

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