Rachael Ray just revealed her favorite pizza toppings

So what does Rachael Ray’s perfect pizza look like? A bit rustic and oddly shaped, but that makes it more “artisanal”, we suppose. She doesn’t just like plain old pepperoni either. In fact, his personal pizza was meatless but had three different cheeses: mozzarella, provolone, and pecorino. She also opted for a few vegetables: red onions, bell peppers and hot cherry peppers. Her husband, on the other hand, put meat on his pizza, as the one she made for him was topped with the same cheeses and onions as hers, but also included soppressata as well as hot honey, Calabrian chili, basil, and—she couldn’t resist—EVOO. (Interesting that there aren’t any on his own pizza, though.)

As for what her Instagram followers thought of these pizzas, no real surprises here either. Emojis of heart, applause, yum yum, etc. One person, however, came up with a new acronym for what was to be Cusimano’s pizza, calling it a BTS—not the Korean boy band, but rather an acronym for basil, soppressata, and tomato (sauce). Still, the combo seems to have some bonding potential… While McDonald’s BTS Meal wasn’t all we’d hoped for, maybe Ray could try marketing his own frozen BTS pizza.