Ree Drummond improves on her favorite pasta recipe

Ree Drummond improved on her easy pantry pasta recipe by replacing some of the staples she used in the original dish. The pioneer woman star also offered ideas to change it up even more.

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Ree Drummond has changed one of her favorite pasta recipes

Drummond showed how to make his improved pasta recipe on an episode of The pioneer woman. “I dive into my old cookbook Come and get it and I also dive into my pantry,” she said. “I’m making pasta for Pantry 2.0. It’s based on one of my favorite pantry dishes. It is an extraordinary property.

Drummond explained, “The idea is to open your pantry, use what you have, and modify it according to what you have on hand.”

The recipe introduction explained some of the ingredient swaps it uses in this “2.0” version. “In this update to her classic pantry pasta recipe, Ree uses Calabrian chiles, sun-dried tomato pesto, basil and Parmesan cheese. The key to this dish is to use whatever you have on hand – experiment and enjoy!”

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Drummond kicked his simple pasta sauce

For her easy sauce, Drummond sautéed onions in olive oil and added canned diced tomatoes and sliced ​​hearts of palm, which replaced the artichoke hearts she used in the original recipe. She also mentioned the use of olives, explaining, “I’ve made this before with assorted jar olives and ooh, it’s so good.”

Drummond also changed another ingredient from the original: she used Calabrian chiles rather than roasted red peppers. “Calabrian peppers are amazing,” she noted. “A little sweet.”

The Food Network host mixed the ingredients together then added broth. “You might notice that there really isn’t much in this sauce so far that’s perishable,” she pointed out. “Most of these things are things I have in the pantry at all times.”

Drummond added garlic, simmered the sauce, and added sun-dried tomato pesto at the end for “serious flavor.”

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‘The Pioneer Woman’ star also changed up the noodles

Drummond made butterfly pasta rather than using fusilli, which is in his original recipe. “That’s the beauty of pantry pasta,” she says. “You can use whatever you have.”

She drained the pasta and added it to the sauce. “I’ve never made this pantry pasta with a type of pasta that doesn’t work,” Drummond said. “You can even break lasagna noodles into small pieces in a snap if you’re out of pasta.”

The pioneer woman star sprinkled parmesan over the pasta, put it in a bowl, and topped it with torn basil leaves and more parmesan.

The full recipe is available at Food Network website.

Drummond’s original pantry pasta recipe is a fan favorite

Drummond’s original pantry pasta recipe is getting rave reviews on the Food Network to place.

“Oh my word y’all! This is one of the best pasta dishes I have ever made! one person wrote.

Another reviewer commented, “Easy and tastes great!”

One person shared, “This is one of the tastiest sauces I have ever made! It’s simple, fast and versatile.

Some reviewers have pointed to the addition of chicken or shrimp to make the dish an even heartier meal.

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