REVIEW: “I visited Pizza at the Pond at the Springhead in Weymouth”

Personally, it’s not my number one pick for takeout – Thai food wins in that department.

And it’s a fair cry to say that you have no shortage of places to grab pizza in Dorset, especially in Weymouth, given that there are plenty of takeaways and restaurants to choose from.

But when I heard about a quirky outdoor spot called Pizza at the Pond – with rumors circulating it offers a variety of artisan, handmade pizzas – I had to check it out.

Order! Before our meal at Pizza at the Pond

So over the Easter break, I persuaded my buddy Liam to come out of Gollum’s Cave and come with me.

The outdoor pizzeria is at the Springhead in Sutton Poyntz.

First impressions were that it looked like a wonderfully comfortable place, which wouldn’t seem out of place on the beach front of Mykonos or Santorini.

The outdoor venue is made entirely of wood and is complete with fairy lights and an 80s-style neon sign.

On a sunny day, which we were lucky enough to witness, the place is soaked in the warmth of the outdoor kitchen and the bright sunshine. It was wonderful.

My main man Liam had a hard time choosing a pizza due to the wide range of tasty options. . . I didn’t because I’m mega decisive and I don’t eat meat

Eventually, after a lot of umming and ahing, Liam chose the ‘steak and blue cheese’ option, while I opted for the plant-based ‘grazer’.

To accompany our pizzas, we grabbed a few Birra Morettis – served in Pravha glasses; but it’s on a “knead to know” basis…

Dorset Echo: Beautiful jubbly atmosphere under the sun and the heat of the outdoor kitchenNice jubbly atmosphere under the sun and the heat of the outdoor kitchen

You have the option to watch the staff as they prepare your pizza, but we chose not to…as it would have been a little weird. And I don’t like it when people watch over me when I’m working – seriously, who likes that?

Within five minutes of ordering, our handmade pizzas were piping hot on the table in front of us. Strike service!

Dorset Echo: optional Option ‘The grazer’

Dorset Echo: Mr. Liam Seaward's 'steak and blue cheese' optionMr. Liam Seaward’s ‘steak and blue cheese’ option


We ate good pizzas!

Mine was covered in red, yellow and green peppers with a few cheeky slices of mushrooms. I’ve had quite a few vegan pizzas in my life, and this was by far one of the best.

I was halfway through “the grazer” before I looked up and saw Liam cleaning up the crumbs from his food. Honestly, the man destroyed it. He did, however, praise the cheese and consistency of the base – and he said the sirloin steak slices were a “nice touch”.

After our pizzas, we ordered mini pancakes – topped with Nutella and banoffee. Now if I’ve ever persuaded you to visit Pizza at the Pond, definitely order the pancakes – they were amazing.

Dorset Echo: pancakes!Crepes!


It’s so easy to pick up a phone these days and order a Dominos or a Pizza Hut and have it delivered straight to you without getting out of your pajamas – but where’s the fun in that? We’ve done it so much during the pandemic, it’s time to break the cycle.

While Pizza at the Pond’s offerings are admittedly a bit pricey compared to the local pizzeria down the street, they provide an amazing atmosphere and good vibes – and that’s just something you can’t buy.

This should be on everyone’s to-do list this spring or summer.

Food 5

Atmosphere 5

Value 4

Service 5