Review: Newcomer Orto Pizzabar is up there with the best pizza in Belfast – Sophie McLaughlin

It seems everyone is talking about the new pizzeria that has landed on Stranmillis and if there’s one thing I hate it’s being left out.

After seeing countless Instagram stories and TikTok videos of really nice pizzas, I dragged my sister one night to try it for ourselves.

Orto Pizzabar is located where the Conor Cafe used to be, a convenient distance from the University District, the Botanical Gardens, and not too far from downtown.

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Unsurprisingly when we arrived without a reservation we had to wait an hour for a table, but as to be expected when the hype around this place has been so huge.

There was a very nice relaxed atmosphere

And let me say that we have absolutely no regrets that we expected that little extra for this pizza.

Orto has a very cool and clean atmosphere from the minute you walk in and having the pizza oven in full view of the customers was a nice touch – I couldn’t keep my eyes off the pizza making process.

Despite the pressure of being in a hurry and a constant string of people coming in and out to sit down and take away, the staff were incredibly pleasant which can make or break your dining experience in my opinion.

Having not eaten since breakfast, we decided to try two pizzas and a cheesy garlic bread as it came highly recommended to us – and let’s face it, the cheesy garlic bread is hard to beat. to beat.

I highly recommend it as a side dish.

We had number 2 which was fior de latte, basil and olive oil (essentially a classic margarita) and number 6 which had nduja, caramelized onions, fior de latte, basil and hot honey.

All I can say is that I’m hungry even thinking about it.

I also ordered myself their craft beer Orto, although I’m not a big lager person, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try something different that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Designed to pair perfectly with your pizza, which it did as its light citrus flavor was a treat with my meal.

Pretty cool to have a beer made to match your pizza in my opinion

The pizzas are a generous size and in hindsight we probably could have had one to share, but that meant we had leftovers that we could enjoy for the second round.

With stone baked pizzas I sometimes think a margarita can be so underrated and that’s why I stuck with the simpler choice, but it was by no means boring – the sauce to cheese ratio perfect, chewy doughy crusts that went so well with their garlic aioli and jalapeño aioli (game changer).

My sister’s pizza, which I shamelessly hacked a few slices of, really stole the show. Whatever was in this hot honey filled with so many flavors with a sweet and spicy kick, I couldn’t get enough.

Have you ever seen anything so perfect?!

Of course, there were no complaints about the garlic bread as the dough, cheese and garlic are an unbeatable combo and that’s the only thing we managed to finish.

I come up with a bold statement here and say this might be my new favorite pizza place in Belfast.

The total came to just under £40 for our two pizzas, garlic bread, two dips, my beer and a diet coke which I think is incredibly reasonable for the high standard of food that we have received.

I have already told everyone and their mother how good Orto is and promised about 10 people that I would come back with them and how good it was. I think I will keep my word.

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