Sage pappardelle and cider sausage Loxtonia: Tasty winter pasta

Savoring flavor-packed comfort food like this sage and sausage pappardelle is what winter is all about. Enrich it with the soft and round Pale Amber apple cider from Loxtonia and you have a dish that will delight your guests.

There’s nothing better than a cold weather meat pasta dish. With this recipe, coat your pappardelle with a rich stew of sausages and sage to protect you from the cooler days.

What makes our sage and sausage pappardelle so special?

The secret to making your pasta irresistible is the addition of Loxxonia Pale Amber beer. The smooth texture, caramel undertones and polished apple finish of Loxxonia cider pair beautifully with the creamy meat sauce, making this pasta dish simply irresistible.

Be adventurous and experiment with different types of sausage, from pork, beef or chicken to plant-based alternatives. Inherent in the name of this ribbon-shaped pappardelle, you’ll want to “gobble” this delicious and comforting dish.

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