Sollena’s Pizza in Sewell is developing a new restaurant building. Additional store units available!

Sollena’s Pizza on Delsea Drive in Washington Township is developing a brand new restaurant on the property. The development will effectively be a small, attractive shopping center with space for additional tenants.

Sollena and the new development are owned by a Washington Township family, the Castigliones, and they are actively seeking tenants to fill the remaining units of the new mall.

You can contact them at 609-828-1190 if you are interested in joining the brand new mall! Ask for Loredana.

This part of Delsea Drive, although very busy…will benefit from exciting new projects such as this, to stimulate more further development that will improve the overall look and experience for consumers in this area.

Scroll down for more details on Sollena’ Pizza, the family, and the new building plans!

Aerial view of the Sollena’s Pizza property. 42Property lines estimated by highway.

Sollena Shopping Center

Sollena’s Pizza has been serving delicious pizza and sandwiches in Washington Township for over 30 years, from their wedge-shaped building on Delsea Drive near the intersection of Salina Road.

Their location makes them very convenient for Deptford, Mantua, Glassboro and more!

The new shopping center will be developed on the same Sollena property.

The complete property is a large 1.3 acres of which the current restaurant building only uses the front corner portion…sitting very close to Delsea Drive. Probably only about 1/4 of the property is in use today.

Rear angle view of Sollena’s Pizza property. Lots of space for the new building!

The placement of the existing building provides an excellent opportunity for the family to develop the new center behind the existing pizzeria building, while keeping the original building open for much of the construction.

As the construction of the new building is completed, the old Sollena wedge-roofed building will be demolished and this space will become part of the parking lot for the new mall.

As mentioned, the Castiglione family lives in town and will locate their restaurant in the building…so it was important to them to develop an attractive building that would help improve the overall quality of Delsea Drive businesses and the community.

The upgrades they chose to add to the development include an all-brick facade, attractive exterior accent lighting, and even altering the elevation of the front wall to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Sollena Shopping Center: An attractive high-end design!

Landscaping will also be included…all meeting approval from the Planning Board.

The design of the building has been well thought out.. it’s smart, but simple at the same time!

The total building space is 7,200 square feet.

With six potential store segments, making each unit an equal area of ​​1,200 square feet.

But tenants have the option of renting one or more units, combining them into larger spaces.

The new Sollena’s restaurant, for example, will be in two of the segments, totaling 2,400 square feet.

And if you follow home with your calculators, that means 4 of the 6 units are still available for rent…and can be combined up to 4,800 square feet.

When I asked if the new building would change the catering offer…well, that’s still being decided. But you can be sure you’ll still be able to get their delicious pizzas, wings, sandwiches and more!

Although it is difficult to determine a completion date in the current supply chain environment, the family is very confident that construction of the new building will begin this year.

If you are interested in being a tenant of the new Sollena shopping center, you can contact Loredana at 609-828-1190.

Sollena’s Pizza: Success Story of the “Township” family

42Freeway had been aware of the plans for the new building and pizzeria since they were submitted to the Planning Board last year, but it wasn’t until today that we had a chance to speak to the owners… Giuseppe and Loredana Castiglione, residents of Washington Township.

The current original Sollena’s Pizza building on Delsea Drive in Washington Township.

I had a great chat with the couple, with Loredana answering most of my questions and talking about how supportive the community and town leaders have been to their family and business over the years.

In fact, recently the Castigliones were faced with a very frightening situation when the pizzeria in Sollena suffered a devastating fire which took them out of service for a few weeks.

The family publicly thanked Washington Township police and firefighters for putting out the fire quickly so they had minimal downtime.

Today, Sollena’s Pizza is open again, ready to take your order of delicious pizzas, wings, sandwiches and more!

And now the family can also get back to finalizing the details of their building construction project.

Links and location

Sollena’s Pizza – New mall coming soon!
291 Delsea Drive
Sewell (Washington Township), NJ 08080

(856) 589-7100