Solo Stove has a Pi pizza oven for wood-fired pies

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Whether you order in or make your own, pizza night is always a good idea. If you’ve baked homemade or frozen pizzas in a traditional oven, it’s time to consider adding a pizza oven to your shopping list.

This Pi pizza oven uses wood to make your homemade pizza, which adds a unique taste that you won’t get from making pizza in a traditional oven. Designed for cooking outdoors, the oven comes with a concrete pizza stone and is designed for beginners or those who have made wood-fired pizza before. If you don’t still want a wood-fired flavor, you can purchase the wood and gas option so you can quickly add a propane tank to change the flavor.

The oven can hold a 12-inch pizza or a few personal-sized pizzas at a time, making three or four pizzas an hour after preheating. When you use the wood function it can run for about three hours, but if you use gas it will run as long as your propane tank has fuel.

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Crafted from stainless steel, it weighs 30.5 pounds and measures over 15 inches high and 20 inches wide. Regularly at $625, the wood-only oven is currently on sale at $470, a savings of $155. If you want wood and gas, this one has an MSRP of $895, but its current price is $645. While you can place your order now and lock in the current price, the pizza oven won’t ship until around July 11.

The pizza oven also ships free and comes with 30-day free returns if you decide you don’t want it. It comes with a lifetime warranty and the company guarantees that it will be free from manufacturing defects. Solo Stove says they will replace the oven with a new product if the oven is found to be faulty.

There are only 19 reviews so far – as the oven is new and not yet shipped – but it currently has 5 out of 5 stars.

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If you’re looking for something a little different, Amazon also has a handful of pizza ovens, like this one Wood pellet pizza oven for $220.

The Big Horn Outdoor Pizza Oven is made from stainless steel and can cook a pizza in 90 seconds or less. It reaches a temperature of up to 860 F and with pizza, can also be used to roast steaks, fish, lamb chops, burgers, salmon, vegetables and more. The oven requires minimal assembly without tools and weighs only 25 pounds, so it works for a garden or can be taken on the go.

With over 700 reviews, the Big Horn Pizza Oven has a total of 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 69% of reviewers giving it 5 stars. Reviewers say there’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure out how to use it, it’s worth the price and makes great pizza.


Solo Stove also has other products to make your backyard even more fun this summer, like this natural smokeless portable fire pit and these stainless steel tongs and poker.

The Natural Smokeless Portable Fire Pit has a design that sets it apart from other fire pits, as it features double walls and bottom vents to keep the fire burning without emitting excessive smoke. Priced at $300, it can be set up and taken down in less than a minute if you want to take it camping or to the beach, and it comes with a carrying case to make it even easier to transport.

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Tongs and Pokers can be used for a fire pit or with the pizza oven. The poker iron has a 165 degree bend, allowing you to adjust your firewood, and the log grapple has a 172 degree directional bend at the hinge to make it easier to grab the wood.


Good summer!