Spanky’s pizzeria is packed to support Arlene Alvarez’s family

“We’ve been in business for over 45 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” owner Holly Waters said as people lined up for pizza.

HOUSTON, Texas — The kitchen staff at Spanky are used to baking a lot of pies. But the original location on Telephone Road has never been busier.

The pizzeria has decided to honor 9-year-old shooting victim Arlene Alvarez by donating 30% of all proceeds on Monday to her family.

“We’ve been in business for over 45 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said owner Holly Waters. “But it just shows you what this community can do.”

Members of the Alvarez family are regular Spanky customers who face unimaginable grief after Arlene’s shooting death. It was the little girl’s favorite pizzeria and the family went there the night she was shot.

“You don’t wish that on anyone,” said client Isabel Anderson. “You know, I feel for his family.”

“We made a donation in addition to the meal,” said customer Gary Woorstell. “It has to be done.”

Arlene’s cousin, Samantha Castellanos, and her family were part of the lunch rush.

“Every time I think of her, I burst into tears,” Samantha said. “And it hurts me so much that I will never be able to see her again.”

This is just the latest fundraiser to help the Alvarez family following the tragedy last Monday. It’s a story that obviously touched a lot of people.

“I don’t know, it broke my heart to see,” said customer Maria Farciet. “You know what happened to him and, you know, I just wanted to come here and do our part, you know, and help out.”

“For them, supporting the family is something very beautiful and very special,” said cousin Martin Castellanos.

Arlene’s parents and little brothers had planned to visit Spanky on Monday night.

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