Stephanie McMahon proclaims success of WWE-Pizza Hut partnership after singing “We Want Pizza”

2021 was another unique year of collaborations for WWE and the partnerships culminated in a Zombie Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania Backlash before another Netflix tie-up later in the year led to Austin Theory stealing one of the eggs. of Cleopatra at Survivor Series to promote Red Notice.

It wasn’t the only collaboration at Survivor Series, however, and WWE teamed up with Pizza Hut for The Rock’s 25th Anniversary Battle Royal. As a result, the wrestlers fought over the pizza and a “We want pizza” chant broke out among the fans at Barclays Center.

WWE was apparently pleased with the success of the collaboration and Stephanie McMahon cited it as an example of the company’s strong reach during the Q4 2021 investor call.

“On our last call, I spoke about WWE’s unique ability to break up the clutter for brands and partners and amplify that message through our strong reach across all platforms. In Q4 at Survivor Series , that creativity was on full display for two brands,” Stephanie began.

“Pizza Hut was all the rage overnight as the Street Profits entered the ring with a piping hot box of Pizza Hut pizza and a checkered tablecloth saying we were sponsored. During the match, the audience started singing ‘We want pizza.’, which we can never guarantee to a partner, but a demonstration of how successful integrations are when done with a fan’s mindset.”

Whether WWE will collaborate with Domino’s or Little Caesars for another Pizza promotion remains to be seen. Either way, R-Truth will be happy.

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