‘Stranger Things’ Really Said Pineapple Belongs On Pizza And Twitter Is Disappointed

Stranger things spoilers ahead.
Sure, “Stranger Things” is about weird things like monsters, alternate dimensions, and super-powered kids, but the weirdest thing about it? Pineapple pizza love it. It’s not just Argyle pushing him, by the way; Eleven likes it too. Amid the grim events of Volume 2, the pineapple pizza debate came as much-needed comic relief as kids become kids just for a while. Mike and Eleven share a sweet moment, the former trying to stutter the three magic words at Eleven, Argyle intercedes with a pineapple pizza.

As Eleven says it’s “really good” and Mike continues to stick to the standard Internet pineapple pizza slander, Argyle tells her to try it before denying it. Mike calls him “crazy” and “blasphemous”, and Eleven tries to get him to eat a slice. Will, on the other hand, watches them from afar, all sad and lonely.

However, not everyone was upset. Believe it or not, there are pineapple pizza stands.

By the way, Argyle’s Surfer Boy pizza is a real-world thing. It sells for $7 at Walmart.

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