Taco Bell shares more details about Mexican Pizza’s return

With a pretty good melody and amazing dance numbers, just about anything can be turned into an off-Broadway musical. Whether it’s the unofficial, brilliant musical “Bridgerton” or “Human Centipede: The Musical,” if you want a zany, subversive, and delightfully self-aware spectacle, off-Broadway is guaranteed to deliver. you something offbeat.

Now the YUM fast food icon! Brands (YUM) The Taco Bell chain is bringing its own spice to the world of off-Broadway musicals with an upcoming musical that deals with one of the most sought-after menu items – the sorely missed Mexican pizza. Through a series of viral videos from celebrities like hip-hop sensation Doja Cat, TikTok star Victor Kunda and the incomparable Dolly Parton, the musical Mexican Pizza will tell the ‘heartbreaking’ story of those who fought to bring Mexican pizza back to life”. Ah, the truly groundbreaking-inspired tale that this moment in history demands.

The coveted Mexican pizza was first removed from Taco Bell’s menu in 2020 when the covid 19 situation meant orders were exclusively for takeout and delivery. The company claimed to have removed the item from its menu in order to simplify the menu. However, some have speculated that the popular article was taken down in an effort to encourage fans to demand the article’s return (and, in doing so, provide Taco Bell with plenty of press and attention. free.)

Regardless of their intention, fans were actually encouraged to petition. Mexican pizza lovers took to Twitter and even a Change.org petition to convince Taco Bell to bring back this fan favorite. And Mexican pizza came back – but its resurrection was short-lived. Taco Bell apparently miscalculated demand for the beloved menu item and supplies quickly ran out. Many stores have suffered from post-pandemic supply chain issues, but this is one of the few cases that could have been avoided.

Still, the Taco Bell menu saw a gaping hole in the hearts of Mexican pizza fans everywhere, and it repentantly attempted to fill that void with a few new menu ideas. to add some menu items. Some were less than dazzling, like the Crispy Cantina Taco. But others have had extreme success in their small test areas, like Cheez-It Tostada and Crunch Wrap. The company even tested the output of a regular pizza.

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Taco Bell’s Mexican Musical Pizza is Coming

Fans of this particular menu item will be delighted to know that Mexican pizza is officially returning to Taco Bell this fall. And it brings a whole cast of characters, stories, and original music.

Thanks to the public response to Dolly and Doja and, you know, the entire internet, Taco Bell is using TikTok to break into a Mexican pizza-themed song and dance. From the smart and talented team of Grammy-winning composers Barlow & Bear, who penned the aforementioned musical “Bridgerton,” comes the next silly off-Broadway sensation. Hungry people everywhere, mark your calendars for September 15, because that’s the day you can bask in the glory of “Mexican Pizza: The Musical.”

If you’re curious about the production, you’re not alone. The press release for the landmark event will no doubt include content directed by Doja Cat and Vincent Kunda, and it would also feature Dolly Parton, who is no stranger to musicals. And if that’s not enough to get you listening, you can listen to this absolute jam of an original song from the production.

“One slice is all we’ll need”

After this soulful and moving chorus, who the hell could resist? The musical will premiere on Taco Bell’s TikTok page. Tune in September 15 at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET to see this cast of 21 speak out, telling the story of one of America’s most beloved foods and the fight to bring it back. to the life.

Plus, Taco Bell promises a true theatrical experience. The production has been extended to include a third act that will once and for all ensure that Mexican pizza is back for good. And if you’re thinking, “Well, I’m going to need a Mexican pizza for this event,” Taco Bell has you covered. From September 15-21, fans can order Mexican pizza exclusively from Uber Eats and Postmates (UBER) . Plus, they’ll even get a free Mexican pizza with a minimum order of $20. After the 21st, Mexican pizzas will also be available through Grubhub and DoorDash.