Talented pasta artists you wish you knew sooner

Even at age four, Linda Miller Nicholson was fascinated by pasta. For a few months every year, she would roll bottles of wine against unleavened dough on her grandparents’ kitchen counters. They didn’t have any traditional pasta making tools, but that didn’t matter – this was his first (albeit humble) introduction. Despite the lack of shiny, eye-catching laminators, Nicholson quickly fell in love with the practice.

Now his childhood would be proud. Nicholson, also known as saleseattle, has accomplished a lot. It is custom designed, inspired by pasta kitchen cabinets for Gigi Hadidcreated a edible pasta portrait by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, and even has a live pasta art installation playfully draped in downtown Eataly New York. For Nicholson, the sky is the limit. “You name it, and I ate it pasta,” she said The Spokesperson’s Review. “I’ll pasta everything under the sun.”

Her foray into the art of pasta began with her son. He wouldn’t touch vegetables with a ten-foot pole, but noodles? He would crush them without hesitation. Nicholson took his pasta and mixed it with everything from beets to blueberries, creating exciting and healthy solutions. Now, her miniature monarch butterflies and full-length “Starry Night” compositions have taken Instagram by storm. She never imagined that her solution would be so deeply loved by many, but the confidence allowed her to run with the medium. “I realized, ‘Oh my God, I have artistic dexterity,’ it’s just not something that involves holding a pen and paper or a brush,” Nicholson told the door. word.