The craziest pizza toppings from Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky

When it comes to pizza toppings, there are a wide variety of options. However, these might be the craziest pizzas in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Pizza is probably one of the most popular foods in the United States. That being said, what toppings should go on a pizza can be highly debated. I worked in the pizza industry all through high school and college, and to this day, I stand by the fact that pineapple has no place on a pizza. However, I also say that a pizza is not a good pizza if there are no mushrooms on it. I get that mushrooms are also a pizza topping that people disagree on often enough.

Even though these toppings are now considered “traditional” pizza toppings, they are still debated. That being said, these toppings have nothing on some of the other types of toppings people put on their pizza. Some toppings and pizza options offered by restaurants are so crazy you almost want to try them once just to say you have…or be told you’ll never try that pizza in a million years. .

There is a list compiled by cheap, which breaks down the craziest pizzas in every state. So I was curious which pizzas from Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky were on the list. I will say that after discovering them, these are pizzas that I highly doubt I would want to try, but that might be another story for you.

Illinois’ craziest pizza topping

The craziest pizza in Illinois comes from Dimo’s Pizza in Chicago. It’s called “Banh Mi Baby One More Time”. Looks like this pizza pops up randomly in the weekly specials. If you’re wondering what that Brittney Spears-esque pizza is, cheap said:

This delicious looking and sounding pizza has all the goodness you’ll find in a traditional Vietnamese sandwich – just in pizza form. There’s char siu-style bacon, pickled vegetables, cilantro and mint, plus sesame aioli, sesame seeds, mozzarella and a cream of pâté base for good measure. . There are a lot of funny pizzas in this restaurant, or at least pizzas with funny names. The Boba Feta Book is the latest addition.

Indiana’s Craziest Pizza Topping

Indianapolis is home to Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza. They serve what they call Hangover Pizzas, and they’ve been named the craziest pizza toppings in Indiana. According cheap:

Jockamo’s serves this pizza on Saturdays and Sundays – we think you can guess why – and it comes in two different varieties. The Denver is a pizza topped with chorizo ​​sauce, scrambled eggs, ham, red onion, green pepper and cheddar cheese. and the farm offers the same sauce, eggs and cheese, but with chicken and bacon as well.

Kentucky’s Craziest Pizza Topping

Dewey’s Pizza in Crestview Hills serves pizza inspired by a popular sandwich and with pickles as a topping! It’s called “The Cuban Pizza”. It’s another seasonal pizza that the restaurant offers, and that’s what cheap said about the pizza:

Another pizza inspired by a classic sandwich, this one has a mustard base and is topped with Canadian bacon, pulled pork, dill pickles, Swiss and mozzarella cheese and “mojo” sauce. (a popular Cuban sauce usually made with garlic and sour oranges).

Do you want to try one of these pizzas? You can find out what the craziest pizza toppings from other states are by clicking here.

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