Three must-try dishes in Everett, from Momo to pizza


Just north of Boston, Everett, perhaps best known these days for its casino, is packed with must-try restaurants.

Square Deli’s salsiccia pizza with mild Italian sausage and hot cherry peppers. / Photo by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

welcome to Three to try. On Thursday, we share three restaurant or food recommendations for the weekend, sometimes new, sometimes old, always delicious.

Last weekend I was at Encore Boston Harbor in Everett for Boston magazine’s Battle of the Burger—big congratulations to this year’s winner, Wheelhouse!—when I realized I’d been spending a lot of time eating in Everett lately. Until very recently it wasn’t an area I visited often, aside from occasional trips to Night Shift Brewing, but a move to the Wellington-ish part of Medford just over a year ago m placed right next to it.

This week’s Three to Try is all about some Everett dishes that have been catching my fancy lately. Even if you’re not as close as me, I hope you’ll make the trip, you won’t regret it. You can even check out Encore while you’re at it and maybe make a few bucks on a Little Shop of Horrors slot machine.

Pizza at Square Deli

Yeah, that’s the real deal. Naturally leavened dough (no commercial yeast), quality ingredients (I’m a fan of Ezzo pepperoni, and you’ll find it here), probably closer to New York style if it had to be given a label. It’s thin and floppy, charred in all the right places, and definitely one of the best pizzas in Greater Boston. The Square Deli sandwiches look good too, but you’ll have to tell me how they are, because I don’t know how I can come back here and not order pizza again.

421 Broadway, Everett, 617-389-9489,

Momo at Tukure Nepali Cuisine and Zuzu Momo

Am I breaking the rules of this section by giving you two recommendations for the price of one? Maybe. Do I want to make sure you eat a lot of amazing momo this weekend? I do. First, step into the convenience store at 115 Main St., where you’ll find shelves full of South Asian staples and other groceries, and a small take-out counter tucked away in the back, Tukure Nepali Cuisine, where you can order several varieties of momo and a few other items. I particularly like the c momo, served with peppers and onions.

Then, walk half a mile up Main Street to Zuzu Momo, a trendy little restaurant and bar with an extensive Nepalese menu. The momo section alone has eight different preparations, from classic steamed or fried momo to momo tikka masala. Here too I like the spicy momo c, but you can’t go wrong with any of the other options. Choose a local beer or cocktail and enjoy. And if you get there while the weather is still nice, there is a pleasant patio.

Tukure Nepali Kitchen, 115 Main St., Everett, 781-350-6915,; Zuzu Momo, 291 Main St., Everett, 617-917-8140,

Eggplant with garlic sauce at Bun’s House

Usually, I’m ambivalent about eggplant at best, so that says a lot about this eggplant dish I specifically recommend. It’s a little salty, a little sweet, a little spicy and just the right amount of garlic, the perfect complement to almost everything else on the Bun’s House menu. The restaurant specializes in Sichuan cuisine, so order anything in that vein (besides that eggplant, of course), like the Sichuan dumplings with chili sauce or the hearty beef brisket clay pot. from Sichuan. The small place is mainly geared towards takeout, but there are a handful of tables – and very friendly service – if you prefer to dine in.

338 Ferry St., Everett, 617-944-9198,