TikTok is in love with The Pasta Queen’s The Bear spaghetti

Along with Mindy Kaling, The Pasta Queen was inspired to make “The Bear” spaghetti marinara on her social media. When a shortened video is broadcast ICT TacThe Queen details Youtube as she prepares the dish with “Pasta Bro.”

By using the Pinuccia casserole from its new line of cookware, Munno shares interesting details about the recipe, which combines cooking techniques from northern and southern Italy. Starting with an infused oil, Munno mixes the garlic, chili flakes and basil with plenty of olive oil until a smooth sauce forms, which Munno says is a delicious dip. for hot, crispy bread if you need a snack while baking.

Using a tomato sauce technique from Northern Italian cookbook author Marcella Hazan, Munno then places two peeled onion halves in a pan of unsalted butter. After sautéing the onion for a few minutes, the basil oil is added along with a can of peeled plum tomatoes. A 30 minute simmering session later, the tomatoes have broken down into a thick spaghetti sauce, and the onion has done its job and can be removed. Accompanied by a shave of parmesan and basil, the ‘just gorgeous’ plating allowed TikTok users to share how much they loved ‘The Bear’, the queen’s video and the spaghetti recipe after making it at home.