Travel the world – one slice of pizza at a time!

Delhi is full of old and new pizzerias. But some of the new ones are really making their mark. Nomad Pizza – Traveler Series pizzas, for example, are neatly packaged in sturdy, sleek cardboard boxes, but take a bite and you know these pizzas are nothing out of the ordinary. Be it the Detroit Non-Veg Pizza, an American style of pizza that originated in Detroit, is not easy to find in Delhi. It has a rectangular base and, like Chicago pizza, it is deep. That is to say, it has a very thick and deep base loaded with cheese and pepperoni. Now it’s definitely “heavy”, but because of the freshness of the base, it never feels “too much”.

We also tried the Chicago, deep pizza. This pizza is basically a pie, round in shape and filled with cheese and punchy chicken, this pizza certainly helped satisfy all of our meaty cravings. Our favorite of the lot has to be the Thai pizza. This has to be one of the most unique pizzas we have eaten late. The thin crust pizza came with the goodness of sweet and spicy Thai chicken, crushed peanuts and the freshness of kaffir lime. The best of Thailand on an Italian pizza base, not a bad idea at all. Take a Nomad Pizza bow.

Pictured: Thai Pizza by Nomad Pizza-Traveler Series

The pizzeria also offers interesting sides and desserts like garlic bread sticks and calzones. We also spoke to Chef Sunder of Nomad Pizza, who told us candidly about his trip, his favorite pizzas, comfort foods, and more.

The chef started his career at Diva’s Kitchen in 2012 as an intern, after which he worked in different organizations like Ciro’s Pomodoro. Depot 48 etc until he joined Nomad Pizza as head chef in September. “When I started, there was only one Nomad Pizza outlet, and now there are fifteen across India. We are surely growing and improving and I am also learning all the days. Now I’m a brand manager here, and we think we all have a long way to go,” he says with a smile.

Nomad Pizza’s pizzas are famous for their toppings, ask him what his favorites are and the chef doesn’t have to think: “I love pepperoni, I started to like Burrata too”.

When asked which pizza was the hardest to cook in his kitchen, he told us that every pizza is different and requires different time and processing, “the hardest would be Detroit Pizza, because you can’t go wrong with the base, even the soft Calzone is something new, getting the consistency right is a task; to make sure nothing breaks takes some skill”.

The chef loves his pizzas, but his comforting dish is a good plate of “Spaghetti Aglio olive”, “even after a long day, it manages to make me smile”. From his own pizza menu, his favorites are “Indian Butter Chicken and Pepperoni Pizza, I would serve this to every customer!” And does he have any special guests in mind? “I would like to welcome Amitabh Bachchan, Sahab and Sachin Tendulkar one day. I am sure they will appreciate the wide range of pizzas we have here”.