Ultra-processed foods, including pizza, increase risk of cancer and heart disease: study

Excess consumption of processed meats or foods like eating too much pizza on a regular basis can lead to serious health risks. A recent study found that eating ultra-processed foods is deadly and can lead to obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

According to reports from Medical News Today, two studies have been conducted on the dangers of ultra-processed foods related to our health. One study was carried out by the research team from Tufts University in America and the other by researchers from IRCCS NeuroMed in Italy.

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New studies claim that eating ultra-processed foods increases the risk of colorectal cancer in men. Eating low-quality, ultra-processed foods also increases the risk of heart disease and death. Meanwhile, consuming these foods for a long time can prove fatal.

Now the question arises as to what is in ultra-processed foods that are harmful to health. These foods are high in sugar, fats, preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorings, maltodextrin, hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup and modified starch.

Many processes are adopted to manufacture them, which are not considered good for health. Surprisingly, ultra-processing is done not only for food but also for beverages. In a previous study, it was revealed that the consumption of ultra-processed foods and beverages leads to weight gain, which turns into the cause of many diseases.

America was found to have the highest consumption of these foods and beverages.

A list of popular ultra-processed foods and drinks

– Pizzas and hot dogs

– Chicken nuggets, fish sticks

– Sodas and sugary juices

– Sports and energy drinks

– Energy bars and sweets

– Powdered and instant soups

– Ice cream and sweet yogurt

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