Utah pizza delivery driver may need surgery after customer walks into store

SAND, Utah — A pizza delivery driver may need surgery after a customer crashed outside a Sandy restaurant on Friday night.

“Now he has a broken leg,” said Biplove Timilsina, owner of Big Daddy’s Pizza. “They don’t know if they should have surgery. We will find out next week. It will be very hard for him. »

Surveillance video shows a customer accidentally speeding into the business after 8 p.m., then slamming and pinning the worker.

“It was very difficult for me to see him, you know, our store get destroyed,” Timilsina said, “especially my employee getting hurt so badly. He was just thrown in the air. I didn’t even couldn’t sleep last night, so that’s how bad it was.

Now the restaurant is preparing for an extended closure.

The team cleans up, but Timilsina struggles to find a contractor to do the repairs so they can reopen. He fears losing customers and employees.

Timilsina said her delivery driver was discharged from hospital but was working multiple jobs and could take months to recover.

“He is in a very good mood,” Timilsina said. “He’s a very good guy.”

A Sandy Fire Department spokesperson said no criminal charges are slated for the driver who caused the crash.

“He came to buy pizza,” Timilsina said. “He had ordered a pizza and a soda, and his leg got stuck on the gas. Instead of hitting the brake, he just accelerated inside. He was crying and he was very sad.

Timilsina called it a reminder to drive carefully.