VIDEO – Behind the scenes to discover the perfect pizza at Mea Culpa in Dubrovnik

What’s the key to making the perfect pizza? How do you get the crust with that crunch factor and keep the toppings succulent? If you’ve ever tried making pizza at home, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The keys are – experience (the more the merrier), high quality ingredients, a professional oven (extremely important) and probably above all passion!

So, to discover the secrets of the perfect pizza, I visited one of Dubrovnik’s leading pizzerias, located inside the historic city walls, Mea Culpa Pizzeria & Trattoria. Now this restaurant has a long tradition of serving the best pizza in Dubrovnik, it’s clear that success doesn’t come overnight. Customer reviews, both locals and tourists, testify to the great food and professional service.

But I went behind the scenes, to the kitchen, to meet the pizza chef, Miljan, to find out what goes into serving this delicious pizza. As soon as I entered the kitchen I was greeted by a) a smiling chef and b) a pizza oven that could have been in the space shuttle. “The rotating base ensures pizzas are cooked evenly,” said Miljan, clearly an expert on this impressive piece of equipment.

“So let’s start at the beginning. Do you roll pizza dough in corn flour? I asked. “Yes, it’s a little trick that makes all our pizzas taste that crispy,” he smiles. If you’ve ever tried rolling out pizza dough, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. It breaks and tears and when you’re done it looks like the shape of an egg. Not here. Literally in about a minute he had created the perfect base, just the right size and shape. “It takes a lot of practice,” I added.

The secret to the perfect pizza – Photo Mea Culpa

Then for toppings, sauce, cheese, ham and of course I had ordered Hawaiian pizza (my favorite) so pineapple was added. “Do a lot of people order Hawaii?” I asked. “You would be surprised, especially Americans and Brits, but more and more people like this sweet-salty flavor,” smiles the chef.

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Toppings galore – Photo Mea Culpa

He disappeared in the oven on this huge pizza paddle. It looked like something a giant would use to row a canoe. The glass door helped the chef decide when it was perfect. And with the giant’s paddle, he dodged the pizza as easily as possible. I would say “don’t try this at home”, but who has this kind of oven at home?

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Looks delicious – Photo Mea Culpa

“Now for the finishing touches,” he said and the herbs and decorations were gone. It was still bubbly and looked absolutely delicious. “Thank you very much, but the proof is in the eating,” he said. It was beautiful. Thank you Mea Culpa and thank you chef!


Mea culpa

Za Rokom 3,

Dubrovnik old town

Telephone: +385 0/20 323 430