‘We want to put Irish pizza on the map’ – Irish pizzeria named among world’s 100 best

An Irish pizzeria has been named one of the top 100 on the planet.

he Dough Bros in Galway, run by brothers Ronan and Eugene Greaney, was ranked No. 79 in the 50 World’s Best Pizza Prices for 2022.

And no, you didn’t misread, and we didn’t miscalculate.

The 50 Top Pizza Awards are organized by 50 Top Pizza, an online guide based in Italy.

The awards were unveiled at a ceremony at the Palazzo Reale in Naples, with I Masanielli in Caserta, Italy and Una Pizza Napoletana in New York tied for the No. 1 position.

In their citation for The Dough Bros, the judges said his “dough is made to perfection and the selection of raw ingredients is always top notch.”


The Dough Bros Pizzeria in Galway

The Dough Bros Pizzeria in Galway

The Galway pizzeria was the only Irish outlet to make this year’s list and also ranked 27th in Europe.

“We have some of the best dairy, meat and vegetable products in the world right on our doorstep,” said Eugene Greaney.

“So why can’t one of the best pizzerias in the world be here in Galway on the west coast of Ireland? It sounded crazy, but it’s been our goal from day one, and now we’ve seen it materialize.

The rankings are based on feedback from “inspectors” who make anonymous visits to pizzerias around the world, says 50 Top Pizza.

“This guide brings together many styles of pizza, although obviously the Neapolitan style, both classic and contemporary, is the most popular.

“The most important cities for pizzas in terms of quality are: Naples above all, then New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.”

In their citation, the judges noted how The Dough Bros had revamped its business strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic, offering DIY kits to be delivered “to every corner of the country”.

The Greaney brothers first fell in love with pizza during childhood visits to Naples, and Ronan trained there in 2015. Their pizza business started in a food truck and is now based in the Cathedral buildings on Middle Street.

The Galway Pizzeria uses Neapolitan-style dough and wood-fired ovens, with Irish food and key creative ingredients.

Toons Bridge Dairy’s fior di latte cheese is used with San Marzano tomato sauce, for example, and one pizza – the ‘Peter Stinger’ – is billed as an ‘Irish margerita’ with Gubbeen chorizo ​​and ‘a good tenderloin of Co Galway’s Hot Christmas Honey among the toppings.

“We started with a mission to change people’s perception of what pizza could be when done right,” says Eugene.

“When it’s made with craftsmanship, dedication and the best of Irish ingredients. We wanted to shake things up in the Irish pizza scene, but also put Irish pizza on the international map.

“After our training in Naples in 2015 and many trips to Italy, the United States and more, we had a quiet confidence in the Irish culinary scene and felt that what some of our peers were doing here at home was up to everything we had tried. .

“We started to wonder why the best pizzerias in the world always have to be in Naples, New York, London?

“And now Ireland and Galway are here.”

Before the pandemic, the Irish pizza scene was booming, with chefs and restaurateurs traveling to seek out their crafts and wood-fired ovens popping up across the country.

In 2020, Dough Bros and Cirillo’s in Dublin were on the list of the best pizzerias in Europe. Manifesto in Rathmines was on the 2019 list.

Top 10 pizzerias 2022

  1. I Masanielli – Caserta, Italy
  2. Neapolitan pizza – New York, USA
  3. Peppe Pizzeria – Paris, France
  4. 50 Kalò – Naples, Italy
  5. 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria – Naples, Italy
  6. I Tigli – San Bonifacio, Italy
  7. Francesco & Salvatore Salvo – Naples, Italy
  8. Seu Pizza Illuminati – Rome, Italy
  9. La Notizia 94 – Naples, Italy
  10. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, United States

Source: 50toppizza.it