Welsh woman who lived on 19p of Lidl pasta is now making millions selling clothes on Depop

A young Welsh woman has revealed how she went from a struggling student, living off 19p of Lidl pasta to living in Bali and earning six figures a year.

Like many young people, Cardiff-based Holly Marie splurged on a new outfit for nights out and special occasions, only to put it at the back of her wardrobe never to be worn again.

In 2014, the then 18-year-old law student decided to sell her old and unwanted outfits on Depop to earn some extra cash.

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The virtual marketplace allows people to buy and sell clothes, shoes and accessories they no longer want – and some top sellers like Holly have made a career out of it.

The 25-year-old now has a team of five staff working full-time in her stores, which generate six figures a year, while living in Bali.

Hollie Marie made a fortune selling second-hand clothes on Depop

Addressing the shimmerHolly said: “I had started trying to lose weight in 2015 and by 2016 I had dropped about 4 dress sizes so I needed to get rid of my old stuff and buy some clothes which suited me.

“It was a godsend to earn pocket money while I was studying because I honestly couldn’t afford to buy clothes otherwise.

“It wasn’t until the end of 2018 that I really started working and trying to grow some brands.”

Hollie now sells a range of items from jewelery to designer menswear and handed her notice to work in June 2021 to work full-time in her boutiques.

She said: “I was in Dubai in February 2021 for a month and curiously haven’t been back to the UK since.

The 25-year-old now lives in Bali
The 25-year-old has five staff members

“I think in June I was handing in my review, I had been able to expand my stores to a point where I didn’t have to sacrifice my hours between 9am and 5pm every day and there’s nothing more motivating than the sun out to get you wiggling your butt and trying to do something with your life.

“I will always finish my training one hundred percent one day and become a lawyer, but I would like to be able to evolve my workshops to the point of being able to work on a voluntary basis.”

She is now in Bali and keeps in touch with the five people in the UK who help manage the manual labor of sending parcels.

Describing her daily life, she said: “I adopted an incredibly cheeky dog ​​from Bali after a few months living here, so she wakes up at around 5 or 6 every day.

“I check with the people who do the manual labor for my stores in the UK to make sure everything went well that day, as there is an eight hour time difference.

The young woman has not returned to the UK since 2021
The law graduate quit her full-time job to work in stores

“Then I’ll find a nice cafe to work at and spend a few hours checking my inventories and seeing if I need to restock anything.

“I also check all new Depop trends to make sure I’m up to date, then create TikToks for the week.

“At lunchtime I go home, go to the gym, then sunbathe until people in the UK are awake. At that point I will be recording videos for Instagram with my daily Depop tips, then I’ll be done with work for the day.”

For the past seven years, Hollie has made thousands of dollars every month from her sideways hustle – but nearly lost it in 2020 when her stores were hacked.

“I can tell you that on average I win [between] five to ten times what I was earning in a month,” she added.

“I was quite surprised that my shops have taken off so much but I have a lot more expenses now that I have outsourced my work to other people.

“I’ve come a long way after living off Lidl 19p pasta!”

Last year, she wrote an e-book designed to help people accelerate success on Depop, detailing how she built and scaled my businesses to the point where she could quit my job.

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For those looking to sell their own clothes, she advises, “Most important – do your RESEARCH.

“I can’t explain the amount of money I lost buying random things to sell and not selling anything.

“I always tell people their seed capital is in their wardrobe, but honestly it is.

“Declutter your wardrobe and shop sustainably, this is the future!”

Have you ever used sites like Depop? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.