Wife’s date broke home to fill shoes with pasta

A woman has been left terrified after her Tinder date broke into her home, stuffed tinned spaghetti in her shoes and cut electrical cords – because she had broken up with him.

Alisha Moy met 21-year-old Jordan Cobbold on the dating app in January 2021, shortly after moving into her Ipswich, Suffolk.

The 20-year-old was looking for a long-term relationship and decided to meet Cobbold after the pair hit it off online and saw each other for a few weeks.

Eventually, Alisha invited Jordan over to her house and he suggested taking the spare key to her apartment, saying it would be “nice if he let himself in” while Alisha was at work.

Jordan Cobbold pleaded guilty to criminal damage and burglary

The young woman claims she “didn’t really get a chance to say no” and called her mum when she was worried Jordan had the key to her house because “things got weird”.

She said Jordan would “burst into tears for no reason” while watching a movie and “ignore” Alisha when she asked what was wrong.

She added: “Then when we got together he started saying things like ‘this is the stage in the relationship where everything starts to go wrong’.

shoes filled with spaghetti
Alisha found her shoes full of canned spaghetti

“We had only been seeing each other for a few weeks! It was so confusing that I couldn’t understand why he was so intense and needy.”

It was then that she decided to end the relationship and Jordan stopped her from contacting him.

Alisha assumed that was the end of it, but was shocked to come home the next day to find utter chaos.

food in carpets
The food was spread out on the mats

Jordan had taken Alisha’s shoes out of the locker room and “poured beans and spaghetti into them.”

He also splattered condiments all over the walls, poured cooking sauce on his vacuum cleaner and cut the cables of his new kitchen appliances.

Her make-up and shower gel had been poured into her drawers and he had stolen a necklace he had given her for her birthday.

sous vide covered with cooking sauce
Cobbold dipped his vacuum cleaner in the cooking sauce

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Alisha’s mother called the police and a forensic team arrived to examine the flat, who estimated the damage to be around £1,520.

Jordan was arrested and pleaded guilty to criminal damage and one count of burglary.

He was sentenced to a two-year community order, with 30 days of rehabilitative activity and 180 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay Alisha £1,750 in compensation and £425 in legal costs.

He was also slapped with a five-year injunction.